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Hi! I'm Jorge Capcha
Full Stack Developer

My favorite tech includes JavaScript or Typescript (React, Angular or SvelteKit), TailwindCSS, Ruby on Rails, Go or Typescript + Nest.js & PostgreSQL!

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Tech Enthusiast

As a Full Stack Developer, I'm on a perpetual journey of learning and exploration. From mastering frameworks to crafting seamless user experiences, I'm always up for a challenge. Embracing the flexibility of remote work, I bring my leadership experience to collaborative projects. Together, let's build something amazing, no matter where in the world you are.


Excellent Communicator

Beyond the lines of code, I'm also a medical interpreter. I don't just speak languages; I craft seamless communication bridges. My ability to break down language barriers ensures that ideas flow effortlessly. I thrive on the challenge of conveying not just words, but the nuanced essence behind them, enhancing understanding and collaboration in both the tech world and beyond.


Harmony Seeker

In the world of bits and bytes, I find balance in music. Whether I'm fine-tuning a melody or debugging a complex algorithm, the precision and creativity required in both domains are remarkably similar. This harmony-seeking mindset extends beyond the notes and lines of code, influencing my approach to problem-solving and fostering a balanced perspective in the dynamic world of technology.


Innovative Soul

Fueled by a passion for pushing boundaries, I'm diving into cutting-edge technologies with a focus on blockchain. Specifically, I'm exploring the decentralized future, delving into smart contracts using languages like Solidity. Simultaneously, I'm deeply engaged in understanding wallet authentication mechanisms, recognizing their pivotal role in securing transactions on the blockchain.

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